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How do I get involved in a production?

Our 2024 season has been filled, if you are interested in a collaboration for the 2025 Fringe Festival, please contact us directly!

When are new productions announced?

New productions will be announced on our Instagram on a rolling basis.  You can follow us @losangelestheatre on insta.

Can I attend workshops if I am not a part of LATI?

At this time workshops are closed to members of the production only but we are looking forward to making workshops available to the public in the coming years.

How much does it cost to tour with LATI?

Costs vary from production to production based on the size of the group, duration of the trip, etc.  This year's productions cost between $4,700 -$4,850/student.  This includes all accommodation, sightseeing, venue rentals, etc.

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